The desk that adapts to your posture

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Healthier workspace

Experts recommend not to sit for more than 2h at a time, but alternating sitting with standing periods in order to avoid the so-called sitting diseases.

Adopting ergonomic postures and changing them throughout the day minimizes the risk of falling into sedentary diseases.


Ergonomic design

The user is the center of the Ergon Desk, surrounded 180º by the desktop, which allows resting the forearms on the working space.

The integrated ergo-cushion offers a soft surface that guarantees confort after long hours of use.


Smart App

You won't need to adapt to your workplace any more. With the Ergon Desk mobile App, you access a smart desk that will adapt to your working habits through its Bluetooth connected smart technology.

Through its connected App, the Ergon Desk would save sitting and standing positions for each user in a personalized way.


Ergon Desk benefits

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Endless composition options


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