"The first Desk designed for teams"

An innovative workplace that improves productivity


Collaboration enhancement

The Ergon Desk enhances collective creativity and decreases the amount of wasted time at meetings through visual contact and a better physical interaction


Healthier workplace

Sedentary lifestyle (an average of 7,7 hours sitting per day) is the main reason for laboral absenteeism worldwide.

The Ergon Desk, with its sit-stand recommendation technology, achieves over 25% standing time of its users, improving their physical and mental agility.


A user-centered design that provides an efficient desktop surface usage, surrounding the user 180º


Introduces artificial intelligence technology that helps the user
improve productivity


Designed for adapting to each
worker, providing a comfortable workplace for everyone

user experience.png

User experience

With the user as the center of the desktop surface, more than 80% of the desk is reachable with the hands without moving, at the time that more than 30% of occupancy is saved from traditional dispositions.

Adaptive desktop

The Ergon is the first desk in the market integrating a motorized desktop leaning feature controlled from the smartphone. An easy way to adjust any device screen’s height adapting it to user's visual height.


Sign up with
your data

The Ergon app adapts the workplace conditions taking into account the user’s height, weight and standing preferences. Experts recommend spending at least 25% of time standing


Based on user preferences, it’s technology alerts before changing from sitting position in order to stand, promoting a healthy day through a user friendly platform. 


Check your

The App saves both usage statistics and goals achievement, and both are available to be checked in real time. All data saved is used for improving user experience.