We are currently immersed in a profound transformation of our way of living, which implies a continually faster pace of life that affects us more and more directly. New technologies and the incorporation of the millennial generation within the labour market have not only changed the way in which we interact, but also how we work.

In many companies and institutions, work spaces reflect this transformation and we can see hybrid environments with concentration zones and rest or meeting areas in which new portable work tools, efficiency in the management of human resources and, increasingly, the health and safety of workers, are of fundamental importance.

In light of the foregoing transformation, we present “ERGON DESK”: the first collaborative smart desk, designed to enhance productivity in the office.

Our hallmark: collaboration

Our aim is to create products that help us to be better, and in the office this means being more productive. Numerous studies, such as the following study of the McKinsey Global Institute, emphasise that collaboration is the main factor for the enhancement of productivity within work environments, which may be enhanced by up to 25%. With the ERGON DESK we have developed a product in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT) that enhances collaboration through direct eye contact among co-workers, the integrated mobile App with agile meetings tools such as the “Agile Meetings” mode and an ergonomic design that promotes continuous collaboration. In the new highly competitive markets, companies must adopt measures for the efficient use of their resources. Curiously, people are the most valuable resource of a company, and the enhancement of the relationships and the efficiency of communication among them is the most beneficial measure that companies can adopt. We define continuous collaboration as the “work dynamics in which individual tasks and team meetings are combined in an agile manner and at the workers’ workstations”, which notably increases the interaction among co-workers and saves time in going to meeting rooms.

Our design

From the very beginning we have conceptualised the creation of this product with the user at the centre. We have reconsidered the concept of the office desk and we have started from scratch in order to provide an experience in which the work carried out is completely efficient, the spaces of the table are adapted to work with mobile devices and in which team collaboration is enhanced with direct eye contact among users. Until now it has always been the user that had to adapt to the desk, and for the first time the furniture is designed as an active product that responds to the conditions of the user and enables the user to carry out several activities at once.

Our technology

We have only been able to achieve a totally personalised product by incorporating technology to an efficient design, and by providing the product with intelligence in order to understand the needs of the user and to be able to provide the user with an active working day. Our technology is based upon an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that analyses the patterns of behaviour of the user, taking into account the amount of time that the user is seated or standing. Accordingly, it is capable of learning the user’s habits in order to provide personalised recommendations for changes of posture and rest periods that are best adapted to his or her way of working.


The desk connects through Bluetooth 4.0 with the mobile application of Ergon Desk, from which the user can update his or her profile and control the height and inclination of the desk, as well as the statistics of use.

ERGON DESK is a smart and ergonomic desk designed to optimise productivity by means of the control of the health of the user and through the promotion of team collaboration.

What are the benefits for the company?

  • With the “Agile meeting” mode the desk enables quick “stand-up” meetings of up to 15 minutes. It has been proven that this is a way to maximise the level of collaboration.
  • The design saves 38% of space in comparison to 6 traditional workstations.
  • Reduces absenteeism by combating the health problems related to sedentarism.
  • The provision of the Ergon Desk to the whole group enables individual work to be combined with team meetings, thereby enhancing continuous collaboration and saving time.
  • Its innovative design is attractive for new generations, and 72% of our users declare that they prefer the Ergon Desk to their previous work desk.
  • The side wings promote the interaction among co-workers.

And for the worker?

  • Reduces the risk of suffering problems related to sedentarism such as diabetes, spinal problems or cancer by 87%.
  • With the tiltable “adaptive surface”, it is the first desk on the market that enables the screen of the laptop to the adjusted to the height of the user’s vision.
  • Different tasks can be worked on by using 88% of the area of the desk.
  • Enables the working height to be adapted to the physical conditions of the user, and the monitoring of the calories burned and the postures of the user through the integrated app.